1Opening Titles-0:27$0.99
3Clearing the Land1:08$0.99
4Palmyra Township0:54$0.99
5Love At First Sight1:15$0.99
6Pulling Sticks2:44$0.99
7The First Vision5:09$0.99
8Seneca Square Dance / Ebenezer2:37$0.99
9Easter Morning2:38$0.99
10Two Brothers1:35$0.99
11Charles O’Connor1:26$0.99
12Palmyra Township #20:40$0.99
13Nathan and Lydia Love Theme1:07$0.99
14Joseph Tells His Story2:13$0.99
15Telling Secrets1:11$0.99
16Lydia Asks Forgiveness1:10$0.99
17Hiding the Plates2:13$0.99
18Let’s Get Ol’ Joe2:20$0.99
19Cold Frosty Morning1:19$0.99
20Real Love4:15$0.99
21Nathan’s Obsession2:23$0.99
22A Good Man0:43$0.99
23To Be a Steed2:22$0.99
24I’ll Not Tell You What to Do1:56$0.99
25To Join the Saints1:15$0.99
  • Released: Jan 1, 2005
  • ℗ 2004 Serious Leisure Music